The Chimehuin Boca "Fever"

As part of this amazing sport I love, we can find a lot of old books with great stories of the most famous fly fisherman which came to Patagonia many years ago.
One of them, Joe Brooks was the creator of the known Boca fever term, in reference to the Chimehuin Boca and the special feeling of fishing there.
A couple of days ago, the weather turned really bad, windy, rainy and cold, which means for every fly fisherman, it´s the boca time! A couple of calls later and I had a partner to head to that beautiful and full of great history of Argentina fly fishing place.
The day, really windy and cold but without rain, so we thought the perfect day to catch a really nice brown.
You need to cast long and through your left shoulder unless you are left handed caster, with a long cast to reach the best spots.
Depending on where you are, it´s necessary to deal with huge eddies, cross current, trees in the back cast, rocks near the surface and some more obstacles making it a real challenge to fish there.
We started really early and we were almost getting into the lake and then going downstream almost getting in to the channels.
A couple of flies lost and the first brown hit my streamer, a nice brown with silver tone, maybe on the 18", very powerful and we guess just entered from the lake.
A new round and at this point trying to make everything perfect, looking for a really good swim of the streamer, giving to him some live movement during the drift, and on the second strip the line stops really hard and I set fast with the rod, making the big brown jump out of the water!
At this point, my head was going at a 1000 mph, my heart pumping really fast and I called my partner just to see the second big jump. The fight got really hard and I was remembering all the old stories I read about this place and I can almost feel like I´m living one of them while I was fighting that trout!

After a couple of long minutes, where the brown went to the middle of the current, deep into the pool and at last ran upstream I landed it near the bank in low water and my partner took this really nice pic where you can see my huge smile while I had those stories of many years ago in my head.
As soon as I put it back into the water, the brown swam slowly and downstream, back to the deep pool where I caught it.

As you can imagine, I´m going to come back to this magical place since I caught the "Boca fever"!

by Gonzalo Theill -
Patagonia Wild Waters Team

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