Another great day in Patagonia!

We went for some action to one of the beautiful lakes we have near San Martin de los Andes.

The day was perfect with a chilly morning but the sun warmed up us all the afternoon.

The fishing was great since the first 3 hours the calm waters let us see the fly and it was really difficult to be calm when the trout were at only 15 inches from it and we needed to accelerate so they attacked!

It was amazing to see up to three trout following our flies!

They are in really good shape after summer eating, we didn´t weigh them but they where fat and heavy.

We landed in a small beach surrounded by all the native flora and fauna to take a break and enjoy great Argentine famous empanadas! Meat, chicken and ham &cheese flavors with some homemade cookies for dessert.

This yellow jacket joined us in the middle of the day.

Yesterday was the rainbow day, we caught only rainbows and nothing below 4,5 lbs!
We continued with a little wind in the afternoon, it was more difficult to see the trout but  they continued hungry attacking the flies.

The equipment was a 6 weight rod, with a type VI shooting head, 6 ft leader and streamers.

It was a gorgeous day in the middle of the fishing paradise enjoying  great company and a lot of action!

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