Mid Season Report

After  high water levels in all rivers at the beginning of the season as consequence of the late spring rains, the level has now started to go down and  it´s perfect, as has the water temperature which makes the Patagonian courses in great shape for all anglers who come to enjoy these beautiful fishing spots.
This week, we were fishing really well, especially at Huechulafquen and Epulaufquen Lakes where we enjoyed the weather and caught pretty nice brown and rainbow trout on dry flies where the star was the royal wulf.  We also got some on streamers like the zonker rabbit black on a  #6 hook. We used a  #5 line rod with floating, sinking tip and shooting lines.
After that, we went to a camp site at the Malleo River, one of the worldwide mecas of trout fly fishing, where we needed to put smaller flies on #16 / #14 hooks, we had to go to 4x tippet and improve our presentation, since this is a river with very clear water easy to wade and more technical. We used #5 rods since you can catch really good brown trout up to 5 pounds! The fishing started out slow but improved with some nice rainbows. We expect the arrival of the willow tree worm, which makes these waters explode every summer.
We continued north to the Quillen River where we stayed in  a warm and cozy house, fully equipped near the river and after getting settled  we ran to the waters with a #3 line rod,  #16 hook flies and 5x tippet.  At noon the fishing was amazing and the last 45 minutes of sunlight over the mountains where the activity  was unbelievable!!!
We fished with dry flies where the elk air caddis and the royal wulf shine. Also, the madam X in #8 hook at sunset received violent catches.
A great selection of Argentinian wines were a part of all dinners, as well as gin tonic and the last night we enjoyed an exquisite lamb barbecue, one of the owner´s specialties who received us as if we were part of the family.
We´ll continue enjoying this season great fly fishing with our clients and friends.

Tight lines.
Patagonia Wild Waters Team